Mushkegowuk Council

2022 Weehtamakaywin
Christmas Newsletter Article:

Pathways on Six Seasons


Our history on Omushkego life revolves around the Pathways on Six Seasons. This is a lifestyle a Way of life navigated in Six Seasons by Innino Opimatisowin life.

It is Survived by a Belief system only known to Omushkego Innino Opimatisowin. It is Historical to Omushkego. A life support system based on a traditional economy of life on the land.

Innino way of life is embedded and enshrined on Sacred land. This is the Foundation for the Omushkego Traditional Family Lands.

Six Seasons

Innino Omeenikosowin Life is embedded and enshrined on the land Aski. Misaway Innino Ottootamowina the Doing Stages of life is all embedded on Aski the Sacred land.

Omushkego Life in Six Seasons is Organized by a Sacred Bundle. The Creator controls our Belief System and Mother Earth in Six Seasons.

Wahkomotowin Omushkego Family

Omushkego life is defined in Wahkomotowin family lands. This is where our unity is Strong and United. Omushkego families know where they belong. They also know the Beginning of life as Originated by Wahkomotowin family our connection to our Ancestors.

Tippenimitisowin Life of the Sovereign People

The Origins of Omushkego comes from the Creation story.

We believe in Original laws of Creator. We are Protectors of Original law. We are now at the Cross roads. We Face the Challenge to Determine our future. The future of Omushkego Okimawin. Our Sacred duty is to form the three Original laws. The first is to develop them. The second is each community to decide to accept them, if you chose to; it is the duty of community to implement them according to customs, traditions, values and beliefs on life. For now I say; Kitchi-Migowetch and Safe holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Nation Rebuilding Initiative People

Amy Cloutier
Regional Food Security Coordinator

Bunny Sutherland
Six Seasons Youth Program Assistant

Charlotte Nakoochee
UNDRIP Coordinator

Christina Kioke
Six Seasons Youth Program Manager

Darrell McLeod

Gilbert Scott
Governance Resource Officer

Janet Nakogee
Office Manager

Natasha Martin
Acting Director

Randy Knapaysweet
Community Regional Engagement Assistant

Skylar Louttit
Policy Analyst

Stephane Friday
Research Assistant

Yvonne Metatawabin
Regional Membership Clerk

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