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2022 Weehtamakaywin
Christmas Newsletter Article:

Technical Services

Wachay and Seasons Greetings to all!

As the festive season is amongst us, we must be mindful and grateful for what we have and remember the families/friends that are going through difficult times, let’s keep them in our thoughts and prayers. We also need to remember to stay safe during these challenging times.

Mushkegowuk Council Technical Services (MCTS)

MCTS is responsible for the provision of technical advisory, consultation, review and recommendation services in capital management, engineering and architectural related activities inherent in the management of real property and other capital assets to all Mushkegowuk First Nations.


  • CMHC Program Delivery
  • Inspections/progress reports and Building Code Advisory
  • Assistance and advisory in the planning and development of any First Nation housing projects.
  • Asset Management
  • Provide some support for Integrated Capital Management System (ICMS) Submissions
  • Provide some support for Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Scheduling and Budgeting
  • Capital Management/Technical Advisory Functions
  • Assist with Capital Plan Development Implementation & Management
  • Promotion of some Training & Preparation Programs
  • Provide advice on Technical Policies, Guidelines, & Standards Assistance/Guidance

Solid Waste Management (Landfills)

Provide advisory services including technical, scientific and policy support to Mushkegowuk First Nations, in the following key areas:

  • Solid waste management
  • Solid waste diversion including household hazardous waste
  • Landfill and Transfer Station Operations & Maintenance

Emergency Management Services

  • Fire Protection Services
  • Emergency & Preventative Measures Programs

Along with our day-to-day operations, identified below are projects Mushkegowuk Tech Services are directly/Indirectly involved in Regionally

Staff are back in the office with intermittently working home office programming to our communities. Our department is providing Technical Advisory services as requested and we can travel more now that we continue to live with COVID 19. Tech Services will continue to adhere to our First Nation’s pandemic travel plans.

Summary of Work in Various Communities


  • OFNTSC CMHC contract inspections including Wabun Communiteis
  • CMHC Sec 95
  • ISC funded housing construction
  • CMHC Physical Condition reviews (PCRs) for Moose Cree phase 6/7 and TTN phase 1
  • Chapleau Cree two triplexs and new housing
  • Progress and code compline on three new units in TTN
  • FAFN – six housing units including three duplexes, two 3-bedroom units and one NAPS unit. Material take off’s completed and quotes solicited from contractors also developed construction contract.
  • FAFN – nine 3-bedroom units. Requested quotes from Contractors and developed Construction contract.
  • AFN inspection report completed on Healing lodge, assisting with material take offs for upcoming renovation


  • FAFN – soliciting quotes from Modular suppliers for four 2 – bedroom housing units.
  • AFN – Working with Director of Housing to finalize one bedroom housing drawings for use
  • FAFN – Assisting women’s shelter on construction of two new isolation building, requested quotes from contractors, developed material take off list and construction contract.
  • KFN-Assisted in securing high priority goods for the community amid community COVID outbreak.
  • KFN-Assisting the education authority in adding and inspecting teacherages for input into the ISC funded asset listing
  • First Nation Housing Conference Oct 25-27, 2022 in Thunder Bay Chris delivered technical session on Sizing residential heating equipment
  • Moose Cree Sewage Lagoon project is currently in construction phase and is on track for completion by summer 2023
  • Moose Cree Water treatment plant reconstruction – recently approved for design phase and now hiring Professional project manager.
  • MCFN lagoon upgrades
  • MCFN water study
  • AFN youth center
  • WETT virtual training – code compliance
  • Waste management – ongoing removal of light weight recyclables from Fort Albany First Nation
  • Tech Services Housing Drawings – 3- and 4-bedroom complete set of updated/code
  • compliment drawing for use by anyone of our communities
  • Fort Albany band office : Currently 2 weeks behind schedule but expected to be completed by the end of September 2022. site visit with Alex Gray (Project Manager) on August 25th.
  • Fort Albany transition homes(7) : working with Margaret Keesic to get all of the information that CMHC requires. Soil testing, Environmental site assessment, BCR, Independent Insurance Consultant report, Class A quantity surveyors report, engineered drawings with energy guideline consumption and greenhouse emission guidelines are required by the funders.
  • Worked with Debbie Corston METS regarding the daycares in Attawapiskat and Fort Albany. Travelled to each community to inspect and provided an inspection report with dollar amounts which was sent to the funders.
  • Fort Albany seniors’ residence : Working with John-Paul Nackogee and Jackie Sutherland on funding for a feasibility study for a new building. Jordan Dixon Health completed inspection September 13th. Technical services has completed their inspection.
  • Kashechewan ACRS : Will be working with Emma Williams to get teacherages included on the funded asset list.

In Closing

Our day-to-day operations and Community projects are keeping our workload quite heavy. Continuing to get the Building Inspectors into our Communities is a priority, as we all know, it’s been quite difficult to travel during COVID.

We are somewhat getting back to “normal” travel as we did pre-covid, but we do keep up to date with our FN’s in regard to the current COVID situation.

If you want any information or have questions about what our department is working on please email me or any Technical Services staff at the emails below.

The Technical Services staff are looking forward to a busy and productive 2023.

We would like to take this time to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Stay Safe!

Technical Services People

Chris Seguin
Project Officer

Clint Maybee
Waste Management Coordinator

David Iserhoff
Project Officer

Leonard Kapashesit
EMS Coordinator

Ron Hunter
Building Inspector Advisor

Ryan Small

Wilbert Wesley
EMS Manager

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