We would like to extend warm greetings to our Nations and Indigenous people across the world on this important day.

We are glad to see reconciliation effort and awareness growing in communities other than our own and remain hopeful in its continued growth. Remember that the stories of our painful confrontations with colonialism always come hand in hand with glimpses of our courageous resilience.

Our strength is made apparent in the fact that we are still here after the attempted genocide in Residential Schools. To those we have lost at the hands of these terrible institutions we will never forget you. For those who continue to bear trauma you are powerful to have carried such painful memories and continue in life. Your incomparable strength has fostered the fire of resilience that exists in all of us and will continue for many of our future generations.

We all have been affected by this terrible tragedy and the responsibility of reconciliation is a collective one that extends beyond our communities. We must continue to tell our stories and we must continue to hear those who tell them.

Keep your friends and family close today and celebrate the resilience that is in all of us. Every Child Matters.

On behalf of the Council of Chiefs and Mushkegowuk Council in Truth and Reconciliation,

Alison Linklater

Former Grand Chiefgrandchief@mushkegowuk.ca