Virtual workshop March 28 & March 29, 2023 (10am-4pm) via Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing

Human Trafficking Prevention Overview:

  • A comprehensive overview of human trafficking; what it is, what human rights are violated, what types there are, myths and misconceptions, individual slavery ‘footprints’, elements that must be present for trafficking, signs of human trafficking, and risk factors.
  • Human Trafficking in Canada An introduction to what Canada has done to address human trafficking, trafficking corridors, Canadian legislation & statistics.
  • Human Trafficking & MMIW Statistics about Indigenous people in Canada, definition of genocide, - review of relevant portions of pertinent reports and risk factors.

What can we do to protect our communities from Human Trafficking?


  • Mary Chakasim/Barrister & Solicitor
  • Bridget Perrier-Humann Trafficking Survivor & co-founder First Nation Educator Sextrade 101

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Roselynn Koostachin

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