The heavy hand the Vatican owned in the aggressive colonization of the rich and beautiful land we call home is no mystery to us

An abuser’s ability to deny the truth of their horrible acts is reinforced by greed and complacent followers that would rather not unsettle from hollow tranquility.

The Doctrine of Discovery thrives in continued denial of the intergenerational trauma that steam rolls through our communities to this day.

The influence of the Vatican reaches far. This act of acknowledging the diabolical intent of the Doctrine of Discovery offers a glimmer of hope that many hearts and minds can change giving rise to true reconciliation.

I realize it is hard for us to accept any hope for change, but we must begin somewhere and I invite you to hope with me that this inspires the leaders of this country to make meaningful change.

Be assured that we will continue to press for more action in light of this news.

In True Reconciliation and Indigenous Strength,

Alison Linklater

Former Grand