2023 General Election Unofficial Nomination Report

2023-07-12 | Administration

Grand Chief

  1. Ernest BECK
    Nominator: Martha Sutherland
    Seconder: Donna Moore
  2. Walter Leo FRIDAY
    Nominator: Gaius Wesley
    Seconder: William Small
  3. Alison LINKLATER
    Nominator: Sylvia Koostachin-Metatawabin
    Seconder: Bruce Archibald
  4. Richard WABANO
    Nominator: Theresa Sutherland
    Seconder: Celine Sutherland

Deputy Grand Chief North

  1. Rebecca FRIDAY
    Nominator: Elizabeth Gunner
    Seconder: Florence Morrison
  2. Charlotte NAKOOCHEE
    Nominator: Pamela Knapaysweet
    Seconder: Helen Knapaysweet
  3. Sylvina RICKARD
    Nominator: Irene Tomatuk
    Seconder: Heather Moore
  4. Amos WESLEY
    Nominator: Hosea Wesley
    Seconder: Peter Lazarus

Deputy Grand Chief South

  1. Jutta HORN
    Nominator: Shirley Horn
    Seconder: Brittany Wiebe
  2. Natasha MARTIN
    Nominator: Marjorie Lee
    Seconder: Dawn Corston

Conclusion of Nominations

The unofficial results of the General Election nomination process are as follows:

Nominations were received from June 11 to July 11, 2023.

An “OFFICIAL” nomination report will be posted once the verification process is complete.

Download PDF of this notice here.

Sherry A. Davey

Former Chief Electoral Officerelection2023@mushkegowuk.ca