With great pleasure we are glad to announce the Fall Assembly of the Omushkegowuk will be held in Timmins on September 12th-14th 2023.

We are honoured to have this opportunity to share the productive year we've had at Mushkegowuk Council, and we eagerly anticipate the valuable advice and insights that will emerge from the chiefs, delegates, and representatives during the forthcoming proceedings.

We wholeheartedly encourage all delegates to come forward and voice the concerns of your respective communities, both at the local and regional levels.

Rest assured that we will make every effort to create a comfortable atmosphere conducive to fostering the best possible dialogue. We sincerely hope that this opportunity allows all of us to express ourselves, and we deeply appreciate the courage it takes to address the challenging issues we face as Omushkego.

Your unwavering dedication throughout previous assemblies is genuinely appreciated, and we eagerly look forward to seeing all of you once again.