Omushkego Emergency Management Summit

2023-08-16 | Technical Services, Omushkego Emergency Management Summit

Held from September 26th to 28th, 2023 in Timmins Ontario

The Omushkego Emergency Management Summit will initiate the formalization & improvement of the emergency response processes that Omushkego currently utilize while making provision for projected events that we have yet to encounter.

Through flooding, fire, and pandemic an Omushkego regional response was essential and has demonstrated the need of a formal agreement between Omushkego, the Province of Ontario, and the Federal Government.

Within each Omushkego community our local capability to combat emergencies is severely limited in contrast to municipalities of the Province.

The inequity is obvious and the summit will be a platform for us to revisit past efforts and potential new paths to establishing equitable services imperative to saving lives.

We are honoured to host the leaders of Omushkego alongside their emergency management personnel at this event and hope a collective process can be identified for us to achieve.

Ryan Small

Director of Technical

Wilbert Wesley

Leonard Kapashesit