Bill was a leader to behold and a loving partner, father, brother, and mooshum to a family who grew into an accomplished unit under his bright example. He persevered through the aftermath of Residential School by creating a better life for all those he loved and considered his people.

He is rightfully revered by all of Omushkego for his unwavering 22 years of service in the advancement of our people while passionately preserving our rich traditional lifestyle through diligent practice.

It was through his extensive experience as an accomplished bush man that his deep comprehension of the true politics of our land was based upon. In difficult times we could confidently proceed forward knowing that our decisions were traditionally honouring while under his advisement.

When faced with challenging events Bill would step forward at the request of Mushkegowuk Council to carry the consequences arising from hard decisions that only true leaders could bear. Bill shined in the inherent compromise that accompanies every inch of political headway that we have collectively gained. He remained instrumental throughout many Mushkegowuk Coucil successes whose prerequisite could only be accomplished by a select few.

In his leave we will struggle fulfilling the demanding role he successfully commanded and will remain forever grateful for his service in sustaining our culture. His spirit will become part of the Cree Language that he devoted much of his life to and his presence will remain in the hearts of every hunter on the coast of James Bay.

May your reunion with Stan and Reg be as fulfilling as we all dream it to be and may your rise to the angels comfort all who miss you.

Rest in Peace Good Friend and the honour to serve along your side will be cherished forever,

Walter Leo Friday

Amos Wesley

Deputy Grand

Natasha Martin

Deputy Grand

Vern Cheechoo

Chief Executive