We respond to, and carry out, the collective will of the Omushkego Nation. We foster and provide accountable, responsible political leadership. We strive for excellence in government services. We help improve the quality of life for our people, by providing accessible, equitable, and high quality support and advisory services to our First Nations in areas including governance, political, spiritual, social and economic development, health, language and culture, environment, technical services and education.


Thursday / April 25 / 2024

Sincerest Condolences to all Family and Friends of the Two Radiant Spirits Lost in Attawapiskat

Political Office / Administration

Sadly, the resilient spirit within every person of Attawapiskat is truly being tested this spring and it is with immense heartache that we commit two of our loved ones back to the land.

Thursday / April 11 / 2024

Draft Omushkego Wahkohtowin Conservation Plan for Nations’ Review

Lands and Resources

Mushkegowuk Council Lands & Resources Department has developed a Draft Conservation Plan for protecting Omushkego lands and waters for generations to come.

Monday / March 25 / 2024

Application Call for NAPS Board Director


Will act and serve as a REPRESENTATIVE of MUSHKEGOWUK Council. The Board of Director will provide advice and support on all matters pertaining to the service and delivery of policing in the Mushkegowuk Communities of Attawapiskat, Kashechewan, Fort Albany, Moose Cree, Taykwa Tagamou, Chapleau and Missanabie.

Saturday / March 09 / 2024

Grand Chief Reaffirms Communities' Control Over Conservation And Development Decisions

Lands and Resources / Political Office

In response to questions raised by some community members about Mushkegowuk Council’s presence and messaging at the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada conference held in Toronto during the first week of March, Grand Chief Leo Friday has provided the following statement.


To be a proud, self‐determining and united Omushkego Nation with healthy and prosperous people, a vibrant Cree language and culture, and sustainably developed and protected lands and waters.


To care, share, honour, respect, be honest, be inclusive, work together, and to be accountable and transparent.